Products - Accessory Devices

M06 Attendant POWER Switch

  • Instantly shuts down all power to the entire wheelchair seating system

  • Reduces slow battery discharge

  • Single switch can be concealed for safety purposes

  • Overrides unintentional and unauthorized tilt and recline action

  • Power on status is indicated with a red LED signal
M06 Lazarus Jump Starter
  • Battery Charger Booster

  • When the battery voltage levels drop too low for the automatic charger to start charging, the Lazarus sends the required signal to begin charging

  • Durable push button start switch

  • Charging status indicated with green LED

  • Works with all major manufacturers’ chargers including power bases with on board chargers

  • Sturdy black cast aluminum enclosure
G53 Actuator Power By-pass Cable
  • A useful tool for servicing a wheelchair with a power elevating seat or super low
    tilt system if batteries have been depleted beyond charging and require replacement

  • Connects between the existing actuator cable and the elevating actuator

  • Allows technicians to apply power directly to the elevating actuator, while by-passing
    the seat controller and on-board batteries
  • Works with 12 volt or 24 volt systems
VR10 Power Supply
  • 24 VDC input

  • Dual output

  • Output #1 factory set to 5 VDC

  • Output #2 voltage may be specified from 5 VDC to 20 VDC

  • 250 mA maximum output current

  • elf re-setting internal fuse protection

  • Output short circuit protected

  • Black plastic enclosure measures 2.5” x 1.6” x 0.9”

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